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Who We Are

We came from the Mattress Industry. We were salesmen and managers. We were district mangers and Corporate staff. Our services are tailored to your Mattress business. We employ proven strategies from the worlds top mattress retailers to work for you. Learn more on this page.

We’re Waking Up the Mattress Industry…

How many ‘bells‘ have you done where not a single person walks through the door? We all know that if our sales people had more opportunities for sales, we would all be doing better as a business.  It’s not enough to have a sandwich board out front and expect to sell the number of premium mattress you want.  We use our proprietary Integrated Marketing Program to attract customers who are ready to buy and are looking for a good experience, backing that up with our system for getting 5-star reviews.


Integrated Marketing Program

Services that get results both online and off-line. 


  • New Custom Designed Website

  • Website Traffic and Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimized Content
  • Content Marketing & Backlink Building
  • Ecommerce Included
  • Financing Pre-Approval
  • & More…


  • Local Page 1 Google Ranks

  • Organic Search engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Google Business Listing & Maps
  • Local Remarketing to Customers
  • Reviews & Reputation Management
  • Online Advertising

In Store

  • Customer Experience Program

  • Personalized Branding Guide
  • Matching Signage & POP Designed
  • Clear Price Tags
  • Advanced Sales Training
  • QR Code Integration
  • Omnichannel Integration

A-La-Cart Services

We offer a full range of marketing services.  Rather than do one thing well for a lot of different businesses, we do a lot of things well for ONE type of business… the mattress business.

Service Price  
Customized Mattress Website $499/mo. Sign Up Now
Social Media Management $249/mo. Sign Up Now
Google Business & Reviews Management $99/mo. Sign Up Now
Store POP & Branding $299/mo. Sign Up Now
Video Production & Marketing $499/mo. Sign Up Now
Graphic Design $149/mo. Sign Up Now
eCommerce Integration $199/mo. Sign Up Now
Google Advertising $399/mo. Sign Up Now
ALL SERVICES $2,399/mo.  

No Contracts.
No Games.

Empire has been offering these services for over 12 years, and are confident we can make it happen for your Mattress Store.

As mattress industry experts we know what is needed to drive website traffic, and foot traffic into your stores.

To talk to a Mattress Marketing expert, please call (503) 753-2061.

Special Pricing Available

Special Offer for New Customers
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Times have definitely changed,

and so has the way customers approach the mattress buying process and there are three major changes. 

Internet First:

Customers aren’t starting their research on the showroom floor like they did in the past; instead, they’re Googling your brand and your competition, comparing options and prices and deciding from there.

Social Proof:

Customers are more influenced by product reviews than ever, and they’re turning to online review sites and social media for product reviews and recommendations.

Message Matters:

Traditional “broadcast” marketing like direct mail, billboards, TV commercials aren’t enough anymore. Your customer doesn’t want to be talked at; they want to be talked with.

The fact is, your customer is checking Google before coming into your store, so it’s vital you are present online to capture that buyers attention.  

Our promise: We only work for you.

We think it’s unethical to work for you and your competitors in the same area. Therefore, we never work with two businesses that compete in the same area. The businesses that work with us enjoy 100% of our dedication and focus to their success. Unlike other marketing companies, we will not compete against you.

Mattress Retailer Marketing

How it Works: The Steps to Success

Step 1.

Check Availability

We need to verify your store is in an area that we are not already working with a Mattress Retailer in your same area.  Use the Zip Code Checker to see if you are in an available area.  If there is no conflict and you get the green light, we can move to step two.

Step 2.

Schedule Initial Conversation

This 20-30 minute call (schedule a call here) is intended to learn about your business and for you to get to know ours. We want to ensure a good fit between our companies.

On our call we will:

  • Discuss your company’s history, current situation & goals.
  • Give ample time for your questions about our services and what you can expect when working with us.
  • Customize a strategy for your unique business.
  • Choose the appropriate service plan to meet your goals.

Step 3.

We Get To Work

We jump in head first into your campaign. Typically there is optimization work to be done on the website and social media, as well as dialing in in-store POP and ensuring branding is cohesive throughout. The order we typically work in to grow your business is as follows:

  1. Customize website construction including new images and content, branded video, eCommerce, Financing pre-approval, lead capture, chat, & a bunch more.
  2. Store branding, price tags, and POP. We create new graphics for your store to ensure your brand messaging is consistent and clear to your customers.
  3. Google Business Listing & Social Media is the first step in being found by customers in your local area. We get your business listed on over 300 website and use social media to connect with customers.
  4. Content Marketing campaign includes a blog on your website, updated with a new fully optimized article each month, as well as new video content every month. This is used to post and share over social media and in email newsletters to past customers.
  5. Google Advertising & Social Media Boosting is an effective way to get in front of your most interested customers with discounts and sales to attract them to your store. We run the advertising for you, so you can focus on closing bigger sales.
  6. Search Engine Optimization is what gets your website to the top of the Google search. The previous 5 areas of focus all help to build the authority and relevance of your website in the search engines. We do the research to find the top 100 keywords customers use to find you, and push to get your website ranking #1 for as many of those words as possible.

Step 4.

Reporting the Results

At the beginning of each new month we will send you a full report of all key metrics surrounding your campaign so you know exactly where you’re at all the time.  If you’d like, jump on a call with your marketing expert and refine the strategy or simply clarify your understanding.  We keep things simple, and transparent.

Step 5.

Sell More Mattresses

You and your sales team will be happy with the increased number of customers walking in to your stores. With epic sales, awesome reviews, pre-approved financing, and on point branding, your customers will feel confident purchasing from your business!

We ♥ working with Mattress Retailers!

“..friendly and communicative”

Empire is a joy to work with. The team is responsive, listened to my needs as a business owner, and designed an marketed my website to perfection. They are friendly and communicative. I highly recommend working with them!
– Mitch Mosser, NC

“..delivering more mattresses”

My feedback is you are great to work with. You had a lot of good ideas that I think have helped get more people in our stores. My guys are delivering more mattresses every month. You guys are part of the team!
– Neil Kirkpatrick, UT


Mattress Industry Experts

We come from the Mattress Industry.  In fact, we have worked for some of the biggest mattress companies in the US.  We’ve spent days in a store with no ups.  We’ve handled customer issues. We’ve heard the question “how much is your cheapest twin?”.  We bring this experience to all of our work in marketing your mattress store.

Digital Marketing Experts

With over 12 years experience working with small businesses and large ones, we know what drives traffic to a website, and customers into your stores. Every aspect of your marketing is taken care with our Mattress Retailer Program.  We use our proprietary strategy to deliver results for our customers month in and month out.

All Services for One Monthly Price


  • Customized Website
  • Optimized for Google
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Financing Pre-Approval
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Strong Call-to-Action
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Live Chat
  • Page 1 Organic Rankings
  • Optimize 100 Keywords
  • Google Business Listing
  • Add to 300+ Directories
  • Social Media Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Reviews Solicitation
  • NEW Brand Guide
  • Referral Coupons
  • Price Tags & Promotions
  • Window Clings & Signage
  • Fliers & Handouts
  • Merchandising 
  • Video Production


[Regular Program Price:  $2,399/mo.]

Results Driven Marketing That Gets Customers In The Door.

By Mattress Experts, for Mattress Experts.

Track & Improve

The three most important metrics to track in building an online presence are Visibility, Traffic, and Search Position.  With advanced reporting we are able to gain insights for greater gains.

Top Google Rankings

90%+ of clicks coming from a Google search are on the first 3 websites on the first page.  This is the place to be, the goal.  Keywords in positions 1, 2 or 3 are extremely valuable, and the more you rank for, the more traffic you get.  We want to see all yellow on this chart!


You help your customers win every day with a new sleep system.  We all know that better sleep can change lives!  Your customers win, and so do you.  When you sell a mattress you pay your staff and your bills.  That’s a win! Finally, we win by helping drive more customers into your stores so you can win.  We only win if you and the customer are winning.

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Recession Fears?

In times like these many businesses will cut costs and not invest in marketing. 

The best time to begin serious marketing of your business was the day you opened your doors. The next best time is now! As others pull back there will be a gap in the market that you can capture. All people sleep, and when they need a new mattress they will look to the internet to find a well-reviewed store. We make sure that store is yours.

“Be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy.”

– Warren Buffet

Our promise: We only work for you.

We think it’s unethical to work for you and your competitors in the same area. Therefore, we never work with two businesses that compete in the same area. The businesses that work with us enjoy 100% of our dedication and focus to their success. Unlike other marketing companies, we will not compete against you.