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* We will only work your business, not your competition. Learn about Our Promise.

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Our business only succeeds if yours does.

We specialize in working with Flooring Installers across the US to keep the job pipeline full.  Making your business stand out in todays market can be tough if done alone.  With a dedicated marketing team focused on making your business the obvious choice when someone is looking for a flooring installer in your service area. When you succeed, so do we.

We will send you a video covering the top 10 things you can do today
to improve your online lead generation, FREE.

PLUS+ Gain insight into the Top 3 competitors in your service area.

DETAILS: This video report covers your business website, social media presence, organic Google rankings, advertising audit, and competitive analysis.  The report is custom-made for your business.  Once we receive your request we will put the video report together and send it to you. Use the information in the report to take action and increase your online leads.

Let me ask you this…

Have you ever hired a marketing company to optimize your website or get you to the top of google, but month after month you feel like you’re paying the bill, but nothing is happening.  Do you get a bunch of emails and reports with information that may as well be in another language because it’s a bunch of marketing (geek) speak?   I understand how you feel.  And I have a solution for you to consider.

Local Flooring Company Testimonial

Empire Sales Consulting is a joy to work with. The team was responsive, listened to my needs as a business owner, and designed an marketed my website to perfection. They are friendly and communicative. I highly recommend working with Empire Sales Consulting!
Michael Moshera, Comfort Floors & More

Our promise: We only work for you.

We think it’s unethical to work for you and your competitors in the same area. Therefore, we never work with two businesses that compete in the same area. The businesses that work with us enjoy 100% of our dedication and focus to their success. Unlike other marketing companies, we will not compete against you.

Why buy expensive leads from websites
that also sell to your competitors?


Not only do we only work to drive leads exclusively to your Flooring business: we target customers in your service area, and block out your competition, so your business gets as many leads as possible.  This means any lead you get is interested in your flooring services.  You will have a captive group of leads that cost you nothing extra.  We charge a fixed monthly price and drive leads to your business month after month.  This all works because we do things a little differently at Empire Flooring, we are focused on providing exceptional results for you. Check out some examples below.

We’re Focused on Results

Most of the time when we engage with a Flooring Installer their current marketing (or lack thereof) is not working!  After a few months working on building value in the company’s online visibility, we see some game-changing results.  Incremental growth is the name of the game in Digital Marketing for Flooring companies.

Track & Improve

The three most important metrics to track in building an online presence are Visibility, Traffic, and Search Position.  With advanced reporting we are able to gain insights for greater gains.

Top Google Rankings

90%+ of clicks coming from a Google search are on the first 3 websites on the first page.  This is the place to be, the goal.  Keywords in positions 1, 2 or 3 are extremely valuable, and the more you rank for, the more traffic you get.  We want to see all yellow on this chart!

Results Driven Success in the Top 3 Google Search Positions

The chart below displays targeted keywords for a local flooring installer.  From one month to the next you can see the from position “99+” (the 10th page of Google), all the way to #1 on the first page!

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Want to see where you rank against your competitors?


FREE: Comprehensive audit of your business’s visibility in your local service area, as well as competitor information that will clearly show how your website stacks up against the flooring company down the street. ($499 value)

FACT: 80% of consumers will look at your website before deciding to do business with you.

Your website will either help or hinder the chance that that person will take action and contact you for work.  You need to leverage every tool at your disposal to put the best foot forward and win the business.

Client Testimonial

Before finding Empire I bought leads from Home Advisor, and some other places. We didn’t close many of them so it was expensive. Word of mouth referrals were the way we got business in the past. Now, our website and Google business listing does the referring for us. I don’t worry about my guys having leads to contact anymore. The internet made all the difference.
John Elkins, Flooring Pros

Results-driven marketing by an award-winning team of experts.

As a team, we have been working in Digital Marketing and Website Development for over 12 years. We have helped hundreds of companies across the country get more customers through online marketing. We are focused on helping flooring installers and flooring retailers grow their business through new channels of outreach to attract customers. We believe that the internet is a powerful tool that drives customer purchasing decisions and when done well, has a high rate of return for those that invest the time and knowledge.

Ready to get to work?

Get Started for $500/mo.

No setup fees.  No contracts.  No games.

Transparent pricing.  Fixed monthly cost.
Dedicated personal support.  New channel of leads.

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